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Howdy! I'm Roxy! I am a game developer, programmer, musician, and artist. This is my website, where you may find out more about sites that I'm on, as well as about my commission info and process. Enjoy!

Commissions are Closed

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet! Below, you may find other little corners of the internet that I occupy, or click above to find out more about my commissions!

Art Links

Here you can find my commission information and prices, as well as other places you can see my art.

Shield Cat

Check out my game Shield Cat! It's a fast paced action-adventure game where you spin to win!

Social Media

Places that you can find me on the World Wide Web (Information Superhighway.)

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Video!! Note: I don't make that many videos or stream much sorry!

Old Sites

I don't really use these websites! Mainly I just have them listed here to verify it was me.