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You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
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What do you do, Lumi?

Well I'm glad you asked, or maybe you didn't ask but you were probably thinking it.



Made this as a sort of summer pic and also because I always wanted to make one of those fanservice pics lmao


A commission for Kirbizard on Twitter

For more information about commissions, please check my website:

Or, follow my Commission Notification account on Twitter:

I post art much more regularly and frequently on Twitter, so that’s the place to be:


Here’s an image I drew in Aseprite respecting the NES’ color and palette limits. In the upper right, you can see the image in Nestopia, and in the bottom right, you can see a picture that a friend took of the image being shown on actual hardware.

Fullsize image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ogtgg7ty6shejy/060117%20NES%20Lumi%202.png?dl=0

NES Rom file if you want to try out the image yourself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj9hywe4q6q9gy7/060117%20NES%20Lumi.nes?dl=0

Aseprite’s color palette for the NES is a bit off from the NES converter program I’m using, but it converts properly so that’s the important part

I will be taking commissions for these soon, and they will be $45. You’ll get the NES image as well to play around with

In the meantime, I’m taking icon commissions of many types, including pixel icons (at the time of writing). You can find out more info on my website https://fxsql.com/commissions.php

If you want to be aware of when I open commissions, please follow my Commission Notification Twitter:


This is a redraw of an image that I drew 5 months ago, which can be viewed here: https://www.weasyl.com/~lumi/submissions/1425292/122816-snow-squirrel

I’m a lot more satisfied with this one, as I feel it better achieves what I was trying to do then

I made a twitter account that ONLY posts when I’m going to open for commissions or when I’m open. If you want to stay up to date, please follow and turn notifications ON


Commission for Meerm on Twitter


This is a giftart I did for Rooshoes on Twitter ❤

When you commission one of these you get ALL of the recolors as individual files, so you can pick the one you like
Find out more info here https://fxsql.com/commissions.php

What about music?

I do chiptune covers using Famitracker. Below, you will find one to listen to.

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I am most active on Twitter! If you need to get in touch with me, this is the best method. I check other sites, but only once a day at most. Get notified of when I post art or am going to offer commissions:

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