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Hi there! My name is Roxanne, but everyone calls me Roxy! I am a game developer, artist, programmer, and musician.

Shield Cat

Shield Cat is the name of the game I'm working on! You can find out more info on its website!

Website Links

Below you'll find some links to where you can find me online!

Commission Info

If you're looking for my commission info page, please be aware that I'm not currently taking commissions. However, I am doing Patreon rewards! Please see Patreon for more information. If you need to read my commission terms, you can do so currently by visiting this page on the Internet Archive.

Website Terms of Service

If you need to read the website terms of service, you can do so by visiting this page on the Internet Archive. The same terms of service are still in effect until I finish the rewrite of my website. Thank you!

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