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You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
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About the Artist

My name is Jess, though Jessica is also valid. However, everyone calls me Lumi. I live in California and I'm probably older than you but not older than your parents. My star sign is Virgo, but I don't care much for astrology. I like when it's a gloomy windy rainy day, and my favorite season is Fall. My favorite holiday is Halloween, and yes I'm 2spooky for you.

My interests that most people are familiar with include Doctor Who (Classic and Modern,) BBC Sherlock, Torchwood, and Harry Potter (the books.) I'm not one to say I'm way into 'fandoms,' so don't worry. On the video game side of things I'm into Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Final Fantasy, and just platformers and RPGs in general. I'm also into Sonic, but only because Tails exists, and because I know every word to the Sonic R soundtrack. I'm also very confident that if you played a match of Panel de Pon against me, you'd lose.

As far as music goes, I like to listen to (in no particular order) Smooth McGroove, Owl City (and Adam Young in general,) video game soundtracks in general, Weird Al Yankovic, Gorillaz, The Postal Service, Eurobeat, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Eminem, Death Cab for Cutie, Daft Punk, Kelly Clarkson, Crush 40, The Black Mages, Utada, Boowa Kwala, and more which can be found on Last.fm (or on my old Last.fm here)

I have a Furcadia Dream. You may visit it by clicking here if you have the Furcadia client installed.

Tools of the Trade

For artwork, I primarily use Paint Tool SAI, though I do use The GIMP for complex effects that SAI just can't do. For pixel art, I use The GIMP. I used to draw on paper and scan it in, but not so much so anymore.

For chiptunes I use Famitracker. I used to use Linux Multimedia Studio and the VST Plugins NESPulse NESTri and NESNoise because Famitracker was a mystery to me, but I studied the limitations of the NES so much before I started making chiptunes that no one could tell the difference.

For streams, I use Open Broadcaster and Picarto. I frequently stream artwork and commissions that I'm working on. Occassionally I stream games through my Hitbox channel.

For web design, I simply use gedit and The GIMP. I know PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I used to know Java too, but I forgot it, sorry.

About My Bots

My server hosts a few Twitter bots, such as @BotSql. My bots are designed to post to Twitter roughly 1-2 times an hour, and should only mention/reply to people who interact with them, in limited amounts.

If you ever see one of my bots acting in a strange way, or it has replied to you when you didn't reply to it or replied to you too many times, please notify me on twitter at @FxSql immediately. Please be sure to include screenshots so I can correct the issue, thank you.

Please note that in the event someone replies to my bot with multiple Twitter handles, the bot should only reply to the person who posted the reply, and should not reply to anyone else mentioned in the tweet. Please let me know if the bot ever behaves otherwise, as this is not intended.

About My Username

People have wondered about my username FxSql and the meaning behind it. The most obvious conclusion is that it's short for Fox Squirrel, which is true. However, it has deeper meaning than that.

The first part, Fx, is not only short for Fox, but also references the fx1, fx2 and such in Famitracker whenever you use an Effects command. It also references effects in general, which is commonly shortened to Fx, a reference to the fact that I like to use a lot of effects in my drawings. Additionally, when combined with G to make GfxSql (the name for my art accounts) the Fx becomes Gfx, or Graphics.

The second part, Sql, is of course short for Squirrel, but also references SQL, or Structured Querying Language which is used for databases, and is a reference to the fact that I also know how to write code.

My username can be read as Fx Sql, Fox Squirrel, Graphics Squirrel etc, but the correct way to pronounce it is Fx Squirrel, or Effects Squirrel.

Primary Accounts

Other Accounts

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