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Hello, I'm
You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
Art by Scott [ Click here to change! ]
Lumi's Commissions

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Please visit my Trello Queue to see my current queue.

How do I commission you?

Scroll down below to see what offers I have available. If something interests you, click "Order." My order form will collect all the necessary information. If I do not get back to you within 24 hours after you filled out the form, please contact me on Twitter

Please note that I do not check other websites frequently, so if you're interested in a commission, Twitter is the best bet. However, do not ask me about commissions if I'm closed. Thanks!

Please note:

  • These prices are current as of Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 9:34 pm PST and are the definitive price. Any price listing you find elsewhere is INVALID. These are the only real prices.
  • Prices provided in non-USD are estimates only and will not reflect the final price, which will be converted from USD by PayPal.
Looking for discounts?

The prices listed below are for complex style. If you want a simple style, it's 20% off.

Simple characters like ponies, 'mons, toon characters, and the like are 10% off in simple style, and 20% off in complex style.

Simple chibi style is 30% off.

If you want your character toonified simple style, it's also 30% off (furries only.)

All of these discounts apply to any commission, including avatars. However, my form can't calculate these discounts, so please ask!

Patrons get 10% or more off (after all other discounts have been applied)

I don't charge extra for leopards or wings (or winged leopards) but I do charge extra for taurs and giant mythical dragons.

* When my new website is finished, all of these discounts and picking out a commissions is going to be a lot easier process. My apologies for the way it is currently.


My regular art style, as avatars!

Click below to preview round and square avatars.


CharaSelect Icons




Flat Color Avatar




Lineart Avatar




Full Color Avatar




Just smooth, clean lineart! You can get it colored later on.
Full Body
Flat Colors

Flat Colors with subtle highlights and shadows!
Full Body
Full Color

Full Color style features detailed shading and highlights.
Full Body

Pixel Avatars

Pixel Avatars are available in Gameboy or Full Color variants. Get both versions for 1.5 the price!

If you commission the Gameboy icon, you will get all the remaps featured below.

Click below to preview round and square avatars, or use the Palette Cycler to change colors.


Change palettes by pressing SGB, GBC, RNB, or the default palette.





Pixel Profile and GB







RPG Icon and GB



NES Bust

Bust image of your character, in the NES! Comes with ROM containing the image, which works in any emulator and on real hardware.
NES Bust

Bust image for your character, in pixel art! (these do NOT come with a rom, they're just in SNES style)



With its angular style, you're sure to find the right angle to get your commission on.


Evey Hedgehog

They do avatars, sprites, and references too!


Apple Draws

Drawings from a Pandragon. He also draws humans really well.


JD Laclede

Professional artist who draws very detailed drawings.


Trello Queue

Be sure to note your commission number after you fill out the form:



Patrons get discounts on commissions, as well as reward artwork over time for pledging every month. Please check the below links for more info.


What I'll Draw

I will draw:

  • Furries
  • Humans
  • LGBTQ and NBs

For fursonas, I will draw:

  • Generally any kind of fursona, but specifically...
  • Avians (birbs)
  • Spotted sonas (cheetahs or sneps, no extra charge)
  • Ponysonas (anthro or non-anthro, though I will not draw it in exact MLP:FiM style.
  • Toons
  • Winged characters (I dont charge extra for wings)
  • Sergals

I will also draw these, but have less experience:

  • Non-Anthros (Feral)
  • Taurs

I will not draw these:

  • Violent/Bloody stuff
  • Gore (even candy gore)
  • Anything hateful toward any group

Please also note the following:

  • I do NSFW. Please ask me in advance for a list of what I'm comfortable with drawing.
  • All prices are subject to increase (or decrease) based on complexity of the character(s) involved.
  • Please consider that while I've drawn a lot of things, there are many more things that I have not drawn.
  • I have the right to refuse a commission to anyone for any reason.
  • Complex characters such as taurs or giant 4 legged dragons will be up to 20% on for each character (does not apply to avatars)
  • If you only have a text ref and no images for your character, there will be an extra fee of $5 USD for an Avatar or Bust, and $10 for a Waist Up or Full Body.



  • Commissions are mostly done in the order that I receive payment (I may work on lower tier artwork like avatars as a warmup to higher tier artworks like full body illustrations.)
  • I will not start on the drawing until I have received payment.
  • If I contact you and find that you do not have the money, I will not consider you for future commissions. You have been warned.
  • You are responsible for your method of payment. Don't use your mom's credit card without permission!
  • I can only accept payments via Paypal at this time, sorry.
  • I will not issue a refund if I complete the work and you are not satisfied with the result.
  • While I make my best effort to complete your commission as soon as possible, sometimes things do come up. I have a full time job as well.


Commission Process

  • Once the price has been agreed upon, I will either send you an invoice or you can send me the money. You MUST send it as a "Goods and Payments" in Paypal and you also have to make sure there is no shipping address included (if you send me the money,) or Paypal will expect me to ship you a physical item. Failure to do this will result in your commission being refunded and you losing your spot. This does not apply to Paypal invoices, which will always request an address. For this, your commission will be specified as a "Digital Good," meaning that you agree you will not receive a physical item.
  • Additionally, once the price has been agreed upon, you will be expect to pay that price. I will cover Paypal's fees under their terms of service. Please consider that any extra money you give me will be considered a tip, and does not guarantee extra work on your commission.
  • If for some reason I am unable to complete your commission for any reason, I will issue you a full refund prior to starting the drawing, or a partial refund depending on how much is done. This also applies if you wish to cancel your commission.
  • Once you express interest in a commission, you will have 2 days from then to work out a commission from me and pay me. If you have not done so within those 2 days, you will lose your place in my Commission Queue and you'll have to start over.
  • I will show you a rough initial sketch of the drawing for corrections. After that, I will only perform minor changes. I will not redraw the entire piece unless I myself have determined there is a considerable flaw. My style makes it very easy for me to correct things such as the wrong color etc so it shouldn't be a concern.



  • The completed commission will be released to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) License. This means that you are allowed to share and edit the artwork, but you must credit me in some way. You are also not permitted to use it for commercial purposes. I still retain rights over the artwork, and can display it in portfolios and on websites for example.
  • If you want to commission me for commercial purposes, please contact me directly. At this time, however, I am not interested in commercial commissions.



  • An "Avatar" means any closeup on the characters face, which may or may not include hands/torso etc. A "Bust" means any drawing from the torso up. A "Waist-Up" is from the waist/thighs upwards. A "Full Body" shows the entire body. Often times I will "overdraw" meaning that I draw outside of my intended cropping for the finished artwork. If I have art outside of that space that is usable, I'll keep it in the final crop. However, this isn't guaranteed.
  • I would prefer to share all of my drawings, so I will charge $20 more if you wish for your commission to remain private. Please let me know in advance, thank you.
  • Please note that I do have a job and I don't have a lot of free time, so while commissions are my top priority, please do not expect it the same day.
  • If you commission me for two or more characters, they must be interacting with each other in some way for the discount to apply. Two characters standing side by side for example will be full price.



These commission terms are current as of September 24th, 2017, and are my definitive commission terms. Any other terms on any other website are INVALID, except in the Paypal Invoice, which is a summary of these terms. They're updated periodically, so even if you have commissioned me before, please look over them again in case they've changed. Thank you.



Why do you use percents instead of slots?

  • I open up my commissions based on the amount of time they'll take to complete. I do this because I offer many types of commissions, and if I were to open with slots, I could get 5 avatars, or I could get 5 full body drawings. These will of course not take the same amount of time. So, I've estimated how long each type of commission takes, and my website does the math for me.
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