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Howdy, I'm Roxy! I am a digital artist, programmer, and musician.


This page has all of CyanSorcery's commission terms as of July 15th 2022, and override any commission terms on any other site. Please read them over before commissioning me!



Commission Info


Before commissioning me, please be aware that I work on commissions between game development work. Because of this, it may take a few weeks or (at worst) a few months to complete your commission, depending on the size/complexity of it. I may also work on smaller commissions between bigger ones. If this is an issue for you, or you need a commission done that is time sensitive, you may want to consider another artist who can do it faster for you. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions or are waiting for a commission and want to know the status of it, please feel free to contact me or check the commission queue at the bottom of this page.

Terms and Conditions

What I'll Draw

What I'll Draw But It'll Cost Extra

What I Wont Draw

Revisions and Refunds

Commission Process

Price Guide


Click on each example pic to open it in its original resolution. You can view more examples of my artwork on FurAffinity.

Full Colors

Questions? Comments? Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? You can contact me on Twitter, Mastodon, or through Discord DMs (Join my Shield Cat Discord to be able to DM me!) Please do not DM me through any other method (like FurAffinity) because I don't check other sites often and will miss it! Also, if my form says "closed" above, please do not ask me about commissions! (The exception is if you're waiting on a commission.)

Current Queue

Below is my current commission queue. Here you'll find all current commissions and their progress (The higher it is, the closer it is to completion.) The ID number matches the Invoice number, and the name of the commissioner and a brief description is also provided. Please note, some commissions may not show up on this list due to commissioner privacy. If you are owed a commission and don't see it on this list, please feel free to contact me.

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