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Hi, I'm Roxy!

What do you do, Roxy?

Well I'm glad you asked, or maybe you didn't but you were probably thinking it. I am a digital artist as well as a programmer. I also occassionally do chiptune covers.

I do digital art commissions. You can find more info on my Commissions Page. I love to draw for other people and bring their characters to life. For me, art is the most important thing and it's what I love to do.

People who support me on Patreon can also receive artwork from me as rewards, in addition to other things. Please check out my Patreon for more information, thanks.

How do I find your art?

I'm most active on Twitter, but you can also find me on Weasyl and FurAffinity. I don't update art sites as often, so Twitter is your best bet to keep up with the latest art and commission offerings.

I also do progress videos, which I upload regularly on YouTube. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to receive updates on how I make art, as well as other videos.

Can I support you?

There are many ways to do that. Simply sharing my art on social media or with your friends can do wonders, but you can also support me financially.

If you want to support me monthly, please check out my Patreon. People who support me there will receive rewards in the form of art, access to an art archive, premiere access to progress videos, and more. Please check my Patreon page for more information.

If you'd rather support me as a one time thing, you can do so using Ko-Fi or I am currently not at the level where I can make primary income from art, so I also work a retail job in order to pay the bills. So, any help given financially is greatly appreciated!

* Please note that any money given through these websites does not constitute an agreement to receive art. I won't draw for you just because you gave me a bunch of money, sorry.

Thank you for visiting!

Come back soon!

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