Hello, I'm
You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
Art by Shelberoo [ Click here to change! ]
What do you do, Lumi?

Well I'm glad you asked, or maybe you didn't ask but you were probably thinking it.



Drawing of my sona that became some weird futuristic scifi thing lmao


This is gift art for my friend Violet <3


This is a commission for decom70 on Twitter!


Just a drawing of Tails


This is a ref sheet commission for Ansel on Twitter!!


Take a look at my new fursona!!! After a long time I finally decided to just go ahead and drop the squirrel aspect and make myself pure fox. It’s really neat!!

What about music?

I do chiptune covers using Famitracker. Below, you will find one to listen to.

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I am most active on Twitter! If you need to get in touch with me, this is the best method. I check other sites, but only once a day at most. Get notified of when I post art or am going to offer commissions:

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