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You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

These Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to my entire website and everything under the url https://fxsql.com. Your use of this site means that you agree with these terms. If you don't agree, then leave my website and don't return ever, thanks. If you're looking for my Commissions terms, you can find them on my Commission Info Page

This edition of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy was updated on July 16th, 2016.

1) Cookie Use

This site uses cookies. Cookies are like little bits of information that are stored on your computer to help the website keep track of stuff. In the case of this website, it uses cookies for example to keep track of what commission you are trying to order as well as login session details when you use Patreon enabled parts of the website, or what your preferred currency is. If you disable cookies in your browser for this site, some site features wont work such as ordering commissions.

2) Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics. I only use the data to see if people are actually looking at the website or not.

3) Availablity of Services

My host is pretty reliable but that doesn't mean that sometimes the site will be offline or it's just not gonna work properly. At those times I'll do what I can to make sure that the website starts working right again.

4) Privacy and Data Storage

This website only collects data that you give to it. Examples are:

  • Patreon Sign In Info: Your Patreon API Auth Token will be tempoarily stored when you sign in with Patreon, but will be immediately deleted. Other information about your Patreon account will be stored only during the session in which you give it (for instance during an order) and then will be deleted. The server does store a database of people currently pleding to my Patreon.
  • Twitter Data and API keys: If you have a bot on my server, my server will store a (parsed) copy of your Twitter Archive as well as your Twitter API keys in order for it to post and reply to tweets on your behalf. At any time you may either ask Lumi to disbale the bot, or simply revoke access to the client responsible for posting. Please be aware that when you give me your Twitter Archive I will be able to see all of the data and all of the tweets you give me. I'm not gonna go looking through that because really I don't care, but I want you to be aware.
  • Commission Info: The server temporarily stores your Commission info (including Paypal email address) during the ordering process. Once you have submitted a Commission Order, the data is transferred to a private Trello board, and deleted off the server.
  • To summarize what is stated above, this server does NOT store your Patreon API Login info or your Paypal email address long term, only tempoarily. The only thing stored long term is your Twitter Bot OAuth Tokens and Twitter Archive, as well as a log of various transactions to the site (when a bot posts, when someone spends their Pledge Petals, etc)

The data that you give to the website will never be sold or used for marketing, and I'm not gonna spam your email address with anything.

5) I Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone

I'm not going to discriminate against you I mean even if I don't like you I'll let you use my website BUT if you break my Terms of Service then go away.

6) Disclaimer of Warrantees

Use this site at your own risk. This website is provided as-is with no warantees expressed or implied. All content should be accurate but is not guaranteed to be accurate. Everything should work correctly but I cannot guarantee an error-free experience. I'm not responsible for anything good or bad that happens as a result of you using my website. I'm not responsible for how you use my website. I code my website as securely as I can and I have many security measures in place however I can't guarantee that one day someone won't get bored and hack my server or a virus will get on it or something, therefore I can't guarantee that your data is 100% safe with me. That's why I try to store as little of it as possible. This website is intended to be used only in HTTPS mode. If you try to use HTTP it will redirect you to HTTPS. I can't guarantee your confidentiality while using HTTP mode. You agree that while I provide this website and its content for you to use, I'm not liable for what happens when you use it, nor when other people use it. I'm not liable for anything that comes up during or because of your use of this website, whether it be unforseen, forseen, known or unknown, real or just made up. I'm not liable if you decide my website isn't up to par with your expectation.

7) Disputes

If you have a problem with me or the service that I offer, please contact me (Lumi) about it so we can work it out. Please don't sue me because I have no money.

8) Enforcement

All parts of this terms of service are valid and binding unless you find it is against California Law or the law of the United States, at which time you can ignore that part. However, just because that part is invalid doesn't invalidate the rest of the agreement.

9) Changes to this Agreement

From time to time I'll change this agreement. I'll try my best to notify people by Tweeting about it, but it's impossible for me to tell everyone who visits my website because I don't know who you all are. Therefore, it's your responsibility to check this page once in a while. The last changed date will always be at the top, and I'll have prior versions if you want to read them. I reserve the right to change, modify, or remove the services offered by my website at any time without warning or liability. I also reserve the right to restrict or remove your access to my website without any prior notification or liability.

10) Contact

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please visit the index page of my website. There are numerous methods by which you can contact me there. Thank you.

11) NSFW Stuff

This website might have some NSFW stuff on it. There will be a warning prior to viewing any such content, and you may not view it if you are under the age of 18 or you can't view such things in your country.

12) Pledge Petals

Pledge Petals or PP is a made up currency that has no actual cash value. It is basically a way for me to keep track of how much money you have pledged to me on Patreon. You can redeem your Pledge Petals using my website for artwork and other rewards. You cannot trade Pledge Petals for cash. I will keep track of how many Pledge Petals you have and how many you have redeemed. If you find there is an inconsistency, please contact me.

13) Copyright

Everything on this website, unless otherwise noted, is Copyright 2016 to Lumi (FxSql) (me.) Don't steal it or I'll report you. The source code to my website is a secret, no you can't look at it.

14) Hotlinking and Spiders

Hotlinking is when you take one of the images from my website and you link it somewhere else like in an <img> tag. Don't do that lmao. Also, don't try to crawl the contents of my website with a spider or wget or what have you. Don't hack my website.

This website uses cookies to customize your experience. You may read more about cookies on my Privacy Policy page.

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