Hello, I'm
You'll find me online under the usernames KitsuneLunari, LumiSquirrel, SparkLum, and FxSql. I create digital and traditional art. I also create chiptune covers using Famitracker.
Art by ToxicClaws [ Click here to change! ]

If you would like to tip me, thanks! Please consider one of the options below:

  • Through my Commiss.io
  • Through Paypal, using PayPal.me
  • Through my Patreon
  • Through my Ko-Fi
Using Commiss.io

Commiss.io allows you to tip your favorite artists. Simply click the link below, and then click "Leave a Tip." Commiss.io uses Stripe, so you can use any major credit or debit card.

Using Paypal

If you would like to tip me using Paypal, you can! Important: since tips are part of me doing artwork, they are considered taxable income. Therefore, you MUST send your tip by Goods and Services. Do NOT send it as a gift, or I will refund it back to you and block your PayPal. Thank you for your understanding!

Using Patreon

Patreon is a website that allows you to pledge a certain amount per month to support your favorite artists. I have many different tiers available with various rewards depending on their at which you pledge. Additionally, you can turn your pledge into Pledge Petals, which you can use to redeem for artwork and other things. Please visit my Patreon, where I have described all of this more in detail.

Using Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a website which allows you to "buy a coffee" for someone by giving them a donation in increments of $3. Ko-Fi uses PayPal as a payment processor, so you can also simply use the PayPal.me link above.

If you choose to support me, thank you very much!

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